The Ruth Cheatham Foundation Announces 2018 College Scholarship Recipients


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DALLAS, TX - Nine extraordinary students have been selected as recipients of The Ruth Cheatham Foundation (TRCF) Scholarship Award; given to students who have had or are currently battling cancer.

“Central to our work at the foundation, is a dedication to provide aid specifically directed to the unique educational needs of this underserved group,” said Lindsay Whittemore, TRCF President and Co-Founder.  “All of our recipients demonstrated how driven and resilient they are, showing great potential in leading future generations and positively shaping this world we live in.”

Cancer is both emotionally and financially draining.  TRCF is dedicated to providing much needed support, education, and hope to young adults in all stages of the cancer process. TRCF Scholarships are being awarded at a time when the total patient costs for cancer average $6,000-$10,000 out of pocket annually.  Compound that with the increasing costs of tuition (Nearly $10,000 at public universities and almost $35,000 at private colleges) and the prospect of continuing an education after a cancer diagnosis can seem unattainable. Supporting these students continued academic success and sharing their stories, underscores the foundation’s efforts across all of our programs.

TRCF invites you to meet and celebrate our 2018 scholarship recipients at their annual gala on May 11th at The Omni Hotel in Dallas.   To learn more or purchase tickets please visit:

About the Ruth Cheatham Foundation

TRCF Founded in 2016 to honor Ruth Cheatham, a remarkable woman who fearlessly fought cancer for over ten years.  Ruth was an inspiration and mentor to many youth in North Texas.   So in keeping with her fire and spirit, The Ruth Cheatham Foundation was established to give support and a voice to teens with cancer.  Our Mission is simple Advocacy, Education and Financial Aid for young adults in all stages of the cancer battle.

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